During its 2011 Worldwide Developers Conference , Apple's CEO Steve Jobs, fresh off a medical leave, took the stage to introduce the future of the companies mobile offerings. Sure, company execs like Phil Schiller took the stage to handle the meat of the presentations. But after iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion features were discussed, Steve hopped back on stage to unveil the big news of the night: Apple's new Internet storage and streaming service, iCloud.

In true Jobsonian fashion, he touted the features of the system as well as why and how it's going to beat the competition all before leaving us with one more thing: Apple's Music Match. Though it wasn't Steve's most astounding "One more thing…", it was still dope to see the best public tech figure in the game doing what he does best. If you've been watching Steve Jobs' keynote speeches before the iPhone came out, you know how ill his past "One more thing" reveals have been. If you haven't, take a couple minutes and watch his 7 Greatest "One more thing..." Moments.


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