Sony Pictures has just acquired a spec script with the working title Sex Tape, according to Deadline. No, it's not the big screen adaptation of Ray J and Kim Kardashian's risque exploits—the flick, which will be produced by Escape Pictures, is about a married couple who, on their night off from their parental duties, get adventurous by filming their bedroom activities, wake up to find the footage missing, and then head out on a search full of misadventures. Think Harold and Kumar Go To The XXX Store, but with a chick.

The script was written by Kate Angelo (pictured above), who penned the 2007 romantic comedy ("comedy" used lightly) The Back-Up Plan; yeah, we're not impressed by that stat, either. The studio is keen on putting the project on the fast track to production. Here's a positive note: Angelo's track record also includes some work on The Bernie Mac Show. At least it wasn't another crappy rom-com.

[Via Deadline]