Hungry for the best tacos in San Diego? Or just need a place to grab a beer and soothe your sunburn? Matty McLoughlin of The Soft Pack breaks down the band’s favorite spots to grub and booze around their hometown.

Grimiest and Awesome Dive Bar: The Tower

Few cities can boast a monument to boozing like the Tower Bar. Originally conceived as an octagonal soda fountain for a theater, the 79-year-old structure now traffics in beverages of the more adult sort, as well as good tunes, eating contests for bar tabs, and patio barbecues on the weekends. 

The Tower
4757 University Avenue
San Diego, CA 92105-1918
(619) 284-0158

Best Bar for Live Music: The Casbah

It’s tough to find state-of-the-art sound and canned beer in the same space, but Middletown club Casbah features both, plus a heavy dose of history. With everyone from Nirvana to the Arcade Fire coming through, the 200+ capacity club features acts both big and small – and all good. 

The Casbah
2501 Kettner Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 232-4355


Best Local Taco Spot: Santana's

Out of dismal abyss of late-night eats in San Diego, Santana’s rises like a phoenix, featuring fantastic eats at unreasonable hours. Come for the drive-thru convenience. Stay for the hot sauce bar.

3742 Midway Dr
(between Duke St & Kemper St)
San Diego, CA 92110
Neighborhood: Midway

(619) 523-9517 

Top Restaurant: Fidel's

Having been around for over fifty years, Fidel’s has gotten authentic Mexican dishes and delicious drinks down to a science. At the San Diegan institution, you’re lucky enough to get both a relaxed atmosphere, and their world-famous Chicken and Rice soup.

607 Valley Ave
(between Genevieve St & Juanita St)
Solana Beach, CA 92075

(858) 755-5292 

Best Mexican Breakfast/Brunch: Pokez

Being so close to the border, decent enough Mexican spots are a dime a dozen. This downtown post serves up some of the best Mexican around, with massive portions, vegetarian-friendly options and a sweet jukebox.

947 E Street
San Diego, CA 92101-6511
(619) 702-7160

Best Pizza: Del Mar Pizza

The band favorite (you might recognize the spot from their “Answer to Yourself” video) is the closest you can get to East Coast pies in a West Coast setting. Chow down on one of their much-loved specialty pies while soaking up some sun.

Del Mar Pizza
211 15th Street
Del Mar, CA 92014-2304
(858) 481-8088