Thanks to jacked-up wi-fi, we weren't able live-Tweet this morning's Nintendo E3 event as we'd hoped. So below, you can find the minute-by-minute rundown of everything they had to offer. Find out all we know about the Wii U and its games in the pipeline, the 3DS release calendar, and more. MIYAMOTOOOOOOO!


9:05 A Zelda retrospective video begins, from NES through to Twilight Princess, handhelds included. The live orchestra and choir performing the Skyward Sword music are a nice touch, if totally freaky over-the-top.

9:10 It's Shigeru Miyamoto! MIYAMOTOOOOOO! *shakes fist at sky* 

9:11 "Music is an indispensable piece of The Legend of Zelda." Full orchestra is going to play some classic Zelda tunes. First up, the chime for solving a puzzle. "That feels nice!"

9:12 Miyamoto mimes opening a treasure chest and the orchestra plays the "you've discovered an item" music. Nice.

9:13 We really thought they were going to unveil the new console when Miyamoto repeated the treasure-chest music, but no such luck. Would've been a nice reveal, though.

9:14 For the 25th anniversary, there are new Zelda games for each system. Link's Awakening is now available in the eShop. And starting next weekend, Ocarina 3D launches for 3DS. Frame rate has been improved, upgrades, hint movies for those who need it, and the Master Quest mode and Boss CHallenge mode for those who have played it. 

9:15 Coming in September for DSi, the 4-player co-op Four Swords will be available as a free download.

9:16 Finally, Skyward Sword will be out this holiday season for Wii. "It's finally done." Laughter. Wii Motion Plus will be used for sword swinging, and there will be a special gold Wiimote available at game's launch.

9:18 Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony concerts will be held around the world this fall. Japan, U.S., and Europe announcements to come. Additionally, there'll be two CDs—Ocarina 3D Official Soundtrack, and one based on the symphony concerts to be released in conjunction with Skyward Sword.

9:21 Over 200 people have worked on LoZ over the years at Nintendo alone. Miyamoto brings a few onstage. They thank the fans, bow, and leave. What, no gong?

9:22 Satoru Iwata (Nintendo's global president) comes out to talk about how fundamentally the DS and Wii have changed the gaming world. Does he mean Viva Pinata?

9:22 "What we haven't achieved yet is a gmaing platform that is equally satisfying for all palyers, yet this is exactly what we intend to create with our new platform." Here we go! He says the new console will be "deeper and wider." We just laughed, because we're 12.

9:23 "We are going to leave the full details for a little later this morning." Booooo!

9:24 Several new franchises will be moving to 3D this year. Mario Kart! Starfox! Mario (with the raccoon suit)! Kid Icarus! Luigi's Mansion!

9:25 Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America's president, comes out. "Look, we hear you. You want what you've always wanted, but you also want something new." Nice koan, sifu.

9:30 Mario Kart—"a tricked-out version you haven't driven before." Video looks like...well, Mario Kart. Oh, but there's a hangglider attachment and underwater driving with turbines. Weird. Vehicles also look to be more customizable—tire size, for example. Dune buggies ahoy! Coming this holiday season.

9:31 "Starfox is back, and this time the 3D is entirely real." Uses either analog/buttons or accelerometer for control. Multiplayer also puts other players' faces on your screen. It'll be out this September.

9:32 "No franchise has sold more systems than Mario." Super Mario 3D. Looks great. Out before the year is over.

9:34 Kid Icarus: Uprising is out this year. And it has 3-on-3 multiplayer. And AR cards! 

9:36 Luigi is "the first brother of video games." We thought that was Cole Train! Either way, Luigi's  Mansion 2 is coming. It's an all-new game with several new mansions. No date given, though.

9:38 Third-party 3DS announcement time. Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, Mario & Sonic at the London Olympics, Ace Combat, Tetris, Cave Story 3D, Resident Evil: Revelations, Driver Renegade, Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions, Tekken, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D. Not bad. 

9:40 This week's eShop update will make 10 3D game trailers available, with game demos coming later this year. Virtual Console will offer a free 3D version of Classics Excitebike. Wait, we already reported that!

9:41 "But maybe the biggest download news involves"...Pokemon! Not only in 3D, but wih an enhanced Pokedex, Announcing Pokedex 3D. 16 Pokemon to start, with the rest to be found by scanning AR markers, getting them from friends, or getting them via SpotPass. Each Pokemon also has a special AR marker that lets you superimpose them into real-world backdrops. And it's free for download.

9:44 "Of course, there's one more order of business for us today." FINALLY.

9:45 The new console is called WiiU. We you. GET IT?!

9:45 The new controller is unveiled—it looks like a mini tablet, with dual analog sticks, a d-pad, and four buttons. Two shoulder buttons and two triggers as well. Ergnonomically questionable, though.

9:46 Video highlighting many of the controller's uses. Ready? You can change the TV over to live TC and keep playing the game on your controller. Whoa. Controller also acts as a dawing tablet, a tabletop game (Othello), and supports motion control. In a golf game, you put the controller ON THE GROUND and it acts as a tee. Also works with Wii Fit without your TV. Mount it to a Zapper-like peripheral and it becomes a zoom scope. Acts as video phone, web browser, shares info with TV, acts as companion to on-game action (inventory in Zelda, e.g.). Wild, wild stuff. 

9:50 Iwata: The 6.2" screen built in lets you transfer the game to it. Totally backward compaible with Wii games and peripherals. microphone, speakers, inward-facing camera. Let's get some specs!

9:52 "It was NOT designed to be a portable game machine. The images displayed are generated only by WiiU and wirelessly transmitted without latency issues."

9:57 New Smash Brothers coming for both 3DS and WiiU!

9:58 RFA: 8 different tech demos availble on show floor. Shows off quick graphic demo—looks pretty good. 

10:00 Shows off "New Super Mari Bros. Mii," where your Mii plays alongside Mario in NSMBW. "Shield Pose," "Mii Chase," and some two-perspective space shooter demo.

10:02 Nintendo will publish LEGO: City Stories for WiiU, a new installment in the Lego series. A new open-world game. Coming exclusively to WiiU and 3DS.

10:03 Cue the video of developers going apeshit. Peter Moore (EA), Karthik Bala (Vicarious Visions), Danny Bilson (THQ), Tyves Guillemot (Ubi), Ken Levine, Warren Spector, etc. Darksiders II will be available at WiiU launch. Arkham City! Tekken for the first time on Nintendo!

10:06 OTher games coming: Dirt (Codemasters), Aliens: Colonial Marines (SEGA), Ghost Recon Onilne (Ubi), Metro Last Light, Tekken (with character customization), Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge (Tecmo Koei)—with actual blood!

10:09 John Riccitiello (CEO of EA) comes out on stage for first Nintendo appearance ever. Done!


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