Take a look at Amazon's list of the Top 100 selling books in its store. See what's currently at #12, between Tin Fey's buzzy memoir and the 5th entry in George R.R. Martin's red-hot A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series? It's iSteve: The Book of Jobs, that biography of Apple's founder that isn't coming out until March of 2012.

Amazon recently made iSteve available for pre-order ($16.50 for hardcover; $14.99 for the Kindle Edition), and the folks at Simon and Schuster must be please with the results. Many books have been written about Jobs, but iSteve, written by media heavyweight and Ben Franklin biographer Walter Isaacson, is the first-ever authorized account written with the elusive CEO's cooperation. Jobs is currently on an extended medical leave from Apple, and tends to only appear in public when he's announcing big new products or services


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