WHERE: 20 West 64th St.
CUISINE: Mediterranean

The latest restaurant from Daniel Boulud, the man behind twelve other eateries, grabs the globe and blots out everything that isn't Northern Africa and Southern Europe. The menu at Boulud Sud leans hard on seafood, everything done up in a vibrant Mediterranean fashion. The lamb loin arrives drizzled with spicy harissa, the scallops sit next to polenta. There are a number of vegetarian choices as well. None of the dishes stray into avant-garde territory; these are simple dishes prepared with care.

The half-open kitchen allows patrons to witness moments of the staff's process inside the inoffensively modern, some might say slightly bland, interior. The colors hew close to light blonds and white, keeping the atmosphere bright, which is fine—you'll want to take note of the presentation; it counts here. But the food trumps all, as it should. As the place is small, we recommend securing a reservation.