Ben J: "My favorite places to shop? I be on Melrose, Fairfax. I’ll go to Supreme [439 North Fairfax Avenue], Flight Club [503 North Fairfax Avenue]. I’m bad with the store names—I wish I had my dude here so he could tell me what stores I go in. But I’m wearing some Adidas Top Ten right now.

"When I’m in Supreme, I’m buying hats, maybe a couple button-ups. I’m buying sweaters, but not too much [else] cause Supreme gets expensive. You gotta be smart about what you get. Real talk."

Legacy: "For shopping, I be on Fairfax and Melrose a lot. And La Brea. Honestly, I wear a lot of vintage stuff. Most of it isn’t even name brand because if it’s fly, I’ll rock it. I like old school, throwback stuff. I’m not one of those Gucci/Louis, gotta-wear-this type of people. But I also be going to Flight Club, Union [110 South La Brea Avenue], Stussy [112 South La Brea Avenue].

"If you’re trying to get some dope vintage glasses, right next door to The Hundreds store [7909 Rosewood Avenue], on the left side they have this really hot spot for glasses. Check it out. It’s like a little boutique spot."