Ben J: "My favorite places to eat are In-N-Out [various locations], McDonalds [various locations], Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles [various locations]—that’s poppin. Denny’s [various locations] is everywhere, so Denny’s be poppin too.

"At Roscoe’s I get the Country Boy—three pieces of chicken, two waffles, and some fries. At In-N-Out I get the double-double, no onions, animal style fries, and a pink lemonade. At McDonald's I get the number 10, which is chicken nuggets, and I get buffalo sauce and ranch dressing. And I always double dip, so I dip one, eat it, then dip the other. I always take two bites. [Laughs.]"

Legacy: "If somebody was coming to Los Angeles for the first time...well, [for] eating… definitely I’d take ‘em to In-N-Out Burger. You know? ‘Cause if they not used to that, then they’re in for something really good. But yeah, I go to In-N-Out. Get animal style fries. After that, I’d do something more classy—even though it’s not really that classy, but, I like this restaurant, P.F. Chang's [various locations].

"They be having fights at Roscoe’s all the time, you know? Because that area is still L.A. It be violent. You'll see crazy people dressed up like mascots or as Iron Man or as Jesus. They be fighting on the streets or just fighting some random person."