In summer 2009, New Boyz—Ben J and Legacy—scored a hit with "You're a Jerk," the song responsible for putting jerkin', the Cali-dance movement centered around moving your skinny-jean clad legs in a rickety fashion, on the map. Their first album, Skinny Jeanz and a Mic, soon followed.

Ben J and Legacy met as high school freshman, becoming friends because of their shared musical interests. Their first MySpace effort came in the guise of the Swagger Boyz.

In the years since, the Boyz have explored their sound outside the jerkin' movement. Their second album, 2011's Too Cool to Care, saw the Boyz pursuing a new image, trading teal skinny jeans for tailored suits and dapper hats. Both Ben J and Legacy now reside much closer to Los Angeles than they ever have before. Though they spend much of their time in the studio and on the road, they spoke with Complex about what they like to do in L.A. with their down. time. Here's the New Boyz Guide to L.A.

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