Classification: Sword-and-sorcery sexy
Frankly, we’re a bit perplexed by the middling box office performance of Your Highness, which has only pulled in less than half of its $50 million production budget since being released in early April.

All of the chips needed for success were in place. Acclaimed director David Gordon Green had recent Academy Award nominee, and current Hollywood renaissance man, James Franco in a starring role, alongside Eastbound & Down fan favorite Danny McBride; the trailer showed an intriguing mix of impressive visual effects and raunchy humor; and the marketing team made no mystery that Natalie Portman wears a thong during one scene.

Playing a warrior chick who’s handy with a bow-and-arrow, the actress’ first big look after her Oscar victory (for Black Swan) pushed her sexiness to new heights. Her character, Isabel, is feisty, physically imposing, and willing to bump uglies with a schlubby dude like McBride. And did we mention that she rocks a floss-thin thong? That was reason enough alone to make us buy a ticket; too bad the movie’s hilarious moments are few and far between. OK, so maybe “perplexed” wasn’t the right word.