Classification: Working class sexy
In the altogether mediocre rom-com No Strings Attached, Portman plays a resident nurse who shuns the notion of “true love,” living by a personal code that flips the bird towards such wholesome ideals as monogamy and sentimental feelings. So, yeah, she’s basically a much more successful and sanitized version of those loose-legged chicks that can be found in any local watering hole knocking back glasses of whiskey and stashing fresh panties in their purses for the “morning after.” Obviously, No Strings Attached is pure fiction.

Sticking to her anti-commitment steez, Portman’s character, Emma, proposes that she and good friend Adam (Ashton Kutcher) start having casual sex, just so they can each get their respective rocks off—again, total fantasy. Reality sets in, though, once Emma and Adam begin catching feelings and harboring jealousy toward each other’s outside romances.

Hollywood clichés then clutter the screen quicker than blackness once a TV’s power is shut down, dragging No Strings Attached into a puddle of generic muck. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that Portman’s the one who suggests the free-wheeling sex in the first place. If only the rest of the movie’s characters were so appealing.