Classification: Arthouse sexy
Chinese director Wong Kar-wai’s heavily stylized road movie My Blueberry Nights sure does look good. Through bright, neon colors and experimental camerawork, he goes to great lengths to show off the collective hotness of his female cast: singer turned actress Norah Jones, underrated cutie Rachel Weisz, and, of course, the chick of the hour, Portman.

Unfortunately, the film’s script drags worse than RuPaul, plodding through one uneventful scene after another as Kar-wai worries more about visuals than narrative. Yet, My Blueberry Nights is still worth peeping, mainly for Portman’s extended cameo as a wild child with a compulsive gambling streak and a mangy hairdo that’d look like white trash on any other actress. Come to think of it, you’re better off staring at the above photo and using your imagination to direct sequences for Portman in your mind’s eye. Anything you imagine will be infinitely more exciting than My Blueberry Nights.