Classification: Elizabethan sexy
Prior to seeing The Other Boleyn Girl, our most prominent Portman-starring fantasy featured the actress as the grown-up version of her too young character in The Professional, with that short-cropped hair and fingers on triggers when not gripping other fiery objects. But thanks to her role as 1500s-era Queen of England Anne Boleyn, we have all new daydream fodder.

With a believable English accent and a traditional square-necked gown that reveals just the right amount of cleavage, Portman’s Boleyn gal is tailor-made for some inventive role playing. Even better, The Other Boleyn Girl is equipped for threesome fantasies—alongside Portman throughout the flick is Scarlett Johansson, sporting a similar gown and even more bosom (she’s just packing more up there than Nat).

So how is the movie itself? Fuck if we know—we just skipped to all of Portman’s scenes with ScarJo. The camera was in focus the entire time, though. Two thumbs up for that.