10. “NICOLE” IN HESHER (2011)

Classification: Meekly sexy
In the uneven dramedy Hesher, which quickly passed through independent cinemas early last month, a little kid (played well by newcomer Devin Brochu) tries to cope with the death of his mother while an emotional terrorist/heavy metal slacker, named Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), basically turns his life into a series of criminal acts and insults. Choice example of Hesher’s wit: “You ever been skull-fucked before?”

No, little man hasn’t (thankfully), but he does get figuratively screwed over by the girl of his dreams: Nicole, a mousy grocery store clerk played with nerdish appeal by Miss Portman. Ignoring their distinct age gap, the squirt, whose name is T.J., falls hard for the supermarket bag chick, but in comes that son-of-a-bitch Hesher, who smashes Nicole as T.J. accidentally interrupts and sees the act for himself. How the kid doesn’t off himself with poisoned Juicy Juice by film’s end is anyone’s guess.