Classification: Pole-working sexy
Was there ever any doubt? Sure, Portman swaps spit with another hot young actress in Black Swan, but that’s nothing compared to the sight of her as a stripper giving the lucky Clive Owen a lap dance in director Mike Nichols’ strong drama Closer. It’s truly a sight to behold.

That pink wig. Her rump-flossing purple thong. The way she so generously crouches down and sticks her tush out to the camera while in the champagne room. Naturally, Portman’s immaculate strip club scene fell by the wayside once she received an Academy Award nomination for her performance as a whole, but we’ve never forgotten.

The moral here: Whenever Portman pushes the sexual envelope, whether it’s gyrating in a thong or having sexy time with another woman, she’s guaranteed to earn Oscar attention. Hopefully her agent has already pointed this fact out to her.