Classification: Closet lesbian sexy
Any self-respecting man who doesn’t know by now that Mila Kunis goes down on Natalie Portman, after heated kissing, in Darren Aronfksy’s trippy psychological thriller Black Swan should really get out more. See the world. Buy a computer and hook up an Internet connection. Rent Black Swan on DVD and keep a bottle of Jergens nearby.

The now infamous girl-on-girl scene isn’t the only time that Portman is sexy in Aronofksy’s film, though; as the prudish and insecure ballerina Nina Sayers, Portman is the kind of high-strung and inexperienced girl that men would love to loosen up, in more ways than one. Proven by how fervently she succumbs to Kunis’ sexual advances in the movie’s aforementioned highlight, Nina is like a tightly wrapped present just waiting to be opened—we’re talking about a mama’s girl who masturbates in front of stuffed animals, for fuck’s sake. Just overlook her schizophrenia and destructive instability and embrace the wide-eyed freak within.