Either the bag is weak, or the cat is really fucking strong, because Mittens clawed her way out today. Way out. Once again, Kotaku was able to pan some spicy nuggets of Modern Warfare 3 info, this time about the multiplayer changes.

For one, there will be "team perks," which include things like Stopping Power, Blast Shield, and Health Regen. There will also be plenty of new individual perks:

Blind Eye: Immunity to killstreaks. Fuck you, chopper gunners!
Assassin: Immunity to UAV, thermal, and heartbeat sensors. Pro version: immunity to CUAV and EMP, no longer shows your name or red crosshairs when sights pass over you. Sounds like a cross between Ghost Pro and Cold Blooded Pro.
Point Guard: Each assist acts as half a kill for the purposes of unlocking killstreaks. I.e., 6 assists = 3 kills, which would get you a UAV.
Dead Silence: Ninja Pro-style noiselessness.
Recon: Some sort of undefined enhanced radar function.

And, of course, there'll be new killstreaks as well, that include things like escorted airdrops and directional UAV. But we'll let you head over to the source link and read it all. We have to say, as hard as we're trying to be cynical, we're looking forward to this all over again. Damn it, Activision! [via Kotaku]