Director Marc Forster's big-screen adaptation of Max Brooks' novel World War Z has silently been making waves amongst fans of undead movie flicks. With Brad Pitt confirmed to play the lead role, now Matthew Fox and Ed Harris are looking to join the calamity, as well.

As the project gears up to shoot, you have to thank the Hollywood gods that this project is even making it out of the development stage. In March 2009, rumors surfaced that production was on the brink of being scrapped, but it was ultimately brought back from the dead with a new financing plan. It's certainly a lofty endeavor, with a plot (much like Brooks' source material) that finds human society regrouping after the victory over the world wide zombie epidemic, referred to as World War Z; Pitt's character, meanwhile, travels the globe to collect the stories and experiences of those who have survived firsthand undead attacks.

Deadline reports that Fox and Harris are in talks, but doesn't have any significant details on their desired roles. James Badge Dale (from HBO's The Pacific and AMC's canceled Rubicon) was recently cast as Captain Spake and Mirielle Enos (star of AMC's The Killing) will play Pitt's wife. 

World War Z will begin production this month.

[Via Deadline]