This Canadian duo has been pumping out various degrees of house jams for more than a decade now, continuously freaking different elements of pop into the four-on-the-floor beats they do so well. So the title of their latest album, It’s All True, may as well be an admission that yeah, they really do want you to need those 3 a.m. raptures that can only occur on a dancefloor. If you were feeling that Alan Braxe album The Upper Cuts in 2005 and have been looking for a summer dance record that makes you see colors the same way, it’s right here. One can only imagine what these jams will sound like live and loud as hell.—Finn Cohen

Junior Boys
Thursday, June 16
8 p.m. (doors)
Black Cat
1811 14th St NW, Washington D.C.
Tickets $15

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