Watching the E3 trailer for Kinect Star Wars we couldn’t help but think, "We've got a bad feeling about this."  To be fair, we love the Kinect and truly believe it’s an amazing piece of technology that delivers wonder and fun even when playing rudimentary mini-games.  However, we've also been waiting for games to grow into their full potential on the platform and we were excited to see if Kinect Star Wars could fit the bill.  We could be wrong, but from the trailer it appears that everything is on rails and your control of the game is limited to short interactive intervals with enemies before the game whisks you off to the next area.  Allowing free character movement has been a challenge for Kinect, which is an ironic obstacle for a system based on full body motion-tracking.  We’ll have to wait to see more before we can pass judgment, but the trailer—complete with uninspiring visuals and WTF rancor stomp mode—makes us want to toss it “into the garbage chute, Flyboy.”  [via Entertainment Weekly]