We all know Mad Men is coming back in 2012, and that there are reportedly three seasons remaining in the hit series run, but does star Jon Hamm wish there was more where that came from? Not really.

"I think it should end. Everything should end. I was a big fan of The Office over here because it ended," he told the BBC in an interview, while referring to the Ricky Gervais-produced British version of The Office. That series ended after just 12 episodes and a series finale.

As for what to expect from season five of Mad Men, Hamm hasn't a clue... despite being tapped to direct the season premiere.

"I don't think they exist," he said any Matthew Weiner-penned season five scripts. "The way Matthew writes the show is very organically. He starts when he starts and eventually there are scripts but I certainly haven't seen them."

Look for Mad Men to return in 2012.

[via BBC]