The Big Lebowski is an American comedy classic and John Turturro is a big part of that. As Jesus Quintana, an bowling opponent of Jeff Bridges' "The Dude," the Coen Brothers let him come up with a lot of his own ideas for the character. And now, speaking to AV Club, Mr. Turturro talked about possibly making a Lebowski spinoff.

"The only reason I wanted to make—well, not a sequel, but a spinoff," he says, "is because Joel and Ethan [Coen] don't really want to do it. If I can get them to approve my outline, which I think they liked... I could just get it out and do it and finish it." In the past, Turturro mentioned that his "spin-off" would be a sequel where Jesus Quintana gets out of jail and drives a school bus.

Don't get your hopes for this happening any time soon. But, for now, Turturro is continuing to cement his cinematic cred in Transformers: Dark Of The Moon and Pixar's Cars 2.

[Via AV Club]