In Super 8’s case, Steven Spielberg threatened to bring the aliens back for another Indiana Jones movie.

The mysteries surrounding Super 8 aren’t only being kept for Abrams’ benefit—there’s also a great deal at stake for Steven Spielberg, the film’s outspoken and highly supportive producer. The iconic filmmaker/entrepreneur has been involved with Super 8 every step of the way, and it’s no secret that Abrams’ script and visual style for the flick were directly inspired by Sir Spielberg’s older sci-fi classics E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind.

So, naturally, Spielberg would be one pissed-off multibillionaire if some disrespectful bloggers leaked the identity of Super 8’s creature, or script specifics. It’d be a level of contempt akin to the film writing community’s collective scorn toward Spielberg’s last directorial effort, 2008’s pointless sequel Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, which ridiculously introduced some lazily rendered CGI aliens into the already weak film’s final act.

To keep bloggers obedient around the tactically shrouded Super 8, all Spielberg needed to do was send a private email CCing every film site known to man saying that he’d use those deservedly reviled aliens—more the product of Indy producer George Lucas, unsurprisingly—to degrade Harrison Ford’s legacy some more. Don’t be surprised if Spielberg produces all of Abrams’ top-secret projects from here on out, for that reason alone.