If you were worried about Jersey Shore ending any time soon, fear not. Nothing has been announced, of course, but as those hard-partying guidos enter their fifth season, MTV is ensuring that you'll still get your dosage of fake-baked, boozing kids long after Snooki and company move on. They'll just have British accents.

First, there was the spinoff Geordie Shore, set in the northern England city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Since that program has performed astonishingly well in the U.K. ratings, MTV has decided to commission a new spinoff, lazily titled Mersey Shore, to be set in Liverpool and follow a group of Merseyside residents.

There's not much word on who the cast will be comprised of, apart from rumors that British singer (a finalist on U.K. singing competition The X-Factor) Anthony Hannah may be involved, as well as British actress Candy McCulloch, "glamour model" (read: topless model) Natalie Rooney, and her cross-dressing brother, Stephen Rooney.

We'll (sadly) watch regardless.

[Via The Sun]