It’s no secret that the cast of Jersey Shore is currently busy living it up (and being relative pains in the asses of Italian government officials) in Florence, but apparently it is a secret how much of their small-screen drama is actually real.

Well, it may not be a secret any longer thanks to a recent Daily Beast post which claims that, well, none of it is legit. It shouldn’t be that shocking of a revelation, but we’d been holding out hope that the drama was real—if only because it made us feel much better about our own lives. Oh well.

Says the article:

“In “reality,” the only thing real about the muscle-bound, boob-jobbed, super-tanned posse’s trip to Italy is the fact that acting imbecilic seems to come naturally to all of them. But according to several extras and locals who spoke to The Daily Beast, much of what happens on the show is planned.”

It goes on to say that the scenes are often reshot for different angels and facial expressions, and every scene being somehow perfectly lit isn’t a coincidence. Oh, and that pizzeria the cast was supposedly “working” for? It was actually rented out by MTV—the customers are extras, and all somewhat camera-friendly. Oh, and that accident Snooki apparently had with a cop car not too long ago? It was her own police escort, and, according to witnesses at the scene, the crash looked rather intentional.

The network declined to comment, but an MTV source stands by the show being unscripted (for the most part), saying, “The cast does exactly what they want to do and there is nothing we can to do to stop them, nor would we want to.”

Real or not, we’re totally tuning in, anyway.

[Via The Daily Beast]

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