Considering that his current to-do slate currently includes developing Avatar sequels that he'll shoot back-to-back and overseeing a 3D adaptation of Fantastic Voyage, some would say that James Cameron is already a busy man. 20th Century Fox is hoping to yet add another project to his already cramped schedule with the mysterious sci-fi project Myth that looks to reunite him with Avatar leading man Sam Worthington.

According to Heat Vision, Myth was pitched by writer Will Staples, whose previous work includes the immensely popular Call Of Duty franchise for Activision. He now has Cameron's attention. Nothing as of yet has leaked in terms of plot or official casting, but all everyone knows so far is that "it's big, it's sci-fi, and it's got lots of action."

Worthington isn't attached to star, however; instead he'd co-produce alongside Cameron and Transformers bigwig Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

Avatar made over three billion dollars. Yes...three billion! That's not exactly chump change in anyone's bank book, so if Myth can go from its embryonic stage to full conception with all parties involved, it'll certainly have a strong pedigree.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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