Keeping a low profile on the Internet in the age of social networking has become increasingly difficult. The moment you create an account on any social media site, your life is made public for the entire universe to view. Yet and still, even with the digital paper trail and transparency, dudes in relationships still use social communication sites and technology to seek out and connect with jump offs. It's not hard to see why. It's easy, discreet, and impersonal. However, it's also easy to get caught by your significant other. Just ask former U.S. House of Representatives member Anthony Weiner. Last week he resigned his congress seat after getting caught sending inappropriate pictures to girls via Twitter and Facebook. Or, you can ask platinum-selling singer/songwriter Jason Derülo.

With over 5 million Facebook Likes and over 625,000 Twitter followers, the chart-topping artist is familiar with the tricks of the social media trade and dealing with aggressively women on the Net. Even with thousands of fans hitting up all his digital fronts, Derülo has no problems keeping his social activity strictly business and private life web-free: “I keep my Twitter on a need to know basis. I post things that I feel my fans would be interested in," said Derülo before hitting the stage for AT&T's "Music For You" concert series. "When it comes to me, and who I’m dating, I don’t think that’s a need to know basis.“ Well played. But what about the promiscuous dudes looking for an online sidepiece, but fear getting caught by their girlfriends? JD's got some advice for you.

Untag and Monitor Your Pics

“If someone posts pics of you, untag yourself. Even if they’re not tagging you, they can tag someone else you or your girl might know. If it’s still up on your profile, if you’re gonna keep your profile public, just make sure you untag any crazy pics. I got a rule: no photos in my hotel room. Girls try to do that all the time to me and play it off like their texting someone, pointing the phone at you. I can see that from a mile away. You can take friendly pictures with someone, that’s not really suspect. Just make sure in the picture you’re not all over the person.“

Stick to IMs, Leave Your Inbox Empty

“It’s easier to talk to someone on IM, but you can’t post it out loud to everyone. You could always delete or close the conversation. Only problem is you gotta make sure you delete it. If she’s sending you messages, then that’s hard to [hide] because you gotta remember to delete her messages. Also, you don’t know when she’s gonna send an IM. But in those cases, that’s your best option. Close the IM and delete your messages.”

The All Boys Club

“Make all your Top Friends dudes or people that are close to you. Don’t draw attention and make your [page] look suspicious. I don’t cheat and I don’t really have a lot of female friends that I’m chilling with. But like on MySpace, if your girl’s Top 10 is filled with dudes—that don't look right.”

Smartphone Smarts

“Don’t have updates come to your phone because that’s direct access all the time. That’s the easiest way to get caught.”

Keep Your Social Celeb In Check

“You gotta decide what you want more. You can either be the dude with the big ego who wants to show he can get all the women, and that’s all cool, or not put yourself out like that and lose the one that you’re with. You gotta choose: Be a mack and show you got all these women or be that dude and keep things on the DL so that only you know about it. Keep things private."