June 23 might not mean much to you, but even though no one's buying, it's a celebration: our old buddy Sonic the Hedgehog turns 20 years old. Sure, he's been the subject of one of our infamous fail lists, but you've gotta respect his longevity—20 years in the gaming industry is nothing to sneeze at and while other icons have gone ghost (R.I.P. Bomberman), Sonic's fan base has remained loyal. And redemption lurks around the corner as well; Sonic Generations, which we played (and thoroughly enjoyed) at E3, drops this year, and the demo even starts today on PSN and XBLA. So in honor of everything, we'll raise our glasses in a toast to our old friend—even if he can't legally drink with us. L'chaim, homie! Oh, and we'll run down his 10 best games as well. What, you thought we stopped doing lists?