It was bound to happen—after all, McDonald’s Monopoly game could net customers a new ride or a nice pile of cash. So, in the ultimate instance of one-upmanship, 7-Eleven is now offering customers a chance to go to space—easily the dopest prize offered by a junk food chain ever.

The catch involves the chain’s cross-promotion with Foursquare for the marketing of J.J. Abrams’ upcoming film Super 8. Purchasing slurpees, big gulps, and dutches from 7-Eleven isn’t required. Instead, folks need only to check-in to win any of the 21,000 prizes. Every 88th check-in scores free tix to Super 8, every 88,888th check-in wins a free Zero-G experience aboard a Boeing 727 engineered for indoor weightlessness, and if there are over 888,888 check-ins over the course of June, one lucky slurpee aficionado gets to go to space. Somehow.

Head over to for the full rules. Read the fine print.

Super 8, starring Elle Fanning and the coach from Friday Night Lights, hits theaters on Friday. 

[via Read Write Web]