Lex Luger produced the first Watch The Throne single. 9th Wonder still has a career. Fruity Loops—elementary or not—at the very least can crank out worthwhile beats. And now, iPhone and iPad owners, too, can get out their dreams of running the next hip-hop trend ragged, whether it's sped-up soul samples or gothic southern bass.

The FL Studio Mobile apps are now on-sale for $15, with an HD version for the iPad priced $5 more. And so, for the price of a CD, you can also integrate your FL Studio project files with your desktop. Not a bad deal, even if the sequencer’s been scaled from 128 tracks to only 99 tracks for mobile.

Download Fruity Loops Studio Mobile HD (iPad) and Fruity Loops Studio Mobile (iPhone) from the Apple App Store now.

[via Gizmodo]