There are two ways to talk about malt liquor. You can be patronizing and borderline racist like "Breaking out the Forty", a Beer Advocate article on American malt liquor, an article that spells Tupac Shakur's first name "Tu Pac." Or you could avoid the thorny sociopolitical/economic issues wrapped up in the consumption and promotion of malt liquor in this country and state obvious facts. We like the second option.

Obvious: In the U.S., malt liquor typically comes in 40 oz. bottles.
Obvious: The ABV typically ranges from 5.5% to 8.2%.
Obvious: "Good" would be an incorrect way to describe the taste.
Obvious: "Fucked" would be a correct way to describe the effects on the drinker.

So here's the deal. People make beer cocktails. They use things like expensive stouts and champagne, or high-end floral liqueurs. They rim glasses. They describe these cocktails as being "cheeky...cure[s] for the economic recession."

But we're Complex. Fuck your cheeky recession proof bullshit. We made cocktails using 40 ounces of malt liquor and ingredients you can buy at the bodega.

Please click on to see the recipes for 10 cocktails that use malt liquor.

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