Parc des Buttes-Chaumont (Map)

Fablive: “A beautiful park in Paris, very quiet, food is just delicious.”

Lucille Tee: “We go there to run. It’s not far from Père Lachaise, where Jim Morrison is buried. It’s in the vicinity, a 10-15 minute subway ride. A lot of stars live up in this neighborhood, Buttes-Chaumont. Monica Belluci lives just above where we are.

We’re at the frontier of ghetto and nice. It’s known as a Bobo area. Bobo is the kind of people who wanna be artsy, and…

Complex: The French equivalent of the hipster?

Lucille Tee: Yeah. Anyway, it’s a cool neighborhood. It’s Chinese, Muslim, and black. And it’s changing as you go down the street. There’s always a ton of stuff going on…a lot of young people.

Complex: What was the neighborhood like before it became Bobo?

Lucille Tee: Belleville, it’s a really old neighborhood. Belleville means pretty city; the area is this hilly park. with a great view of Paris. They have those restaurants, there’s a lake….

The rent’s starting to go up because there’s also a lot of people from the east [moving there]. They have these random, improvised markets on the street, with anything from old cell phones to fruit markets.