Dinner at the Thompson's (@dattglow) is a collaborative effort between New York-born but now Paris-residing singer Lucille Tee and French beatsmith Fablive, a producer gifted with the drum machine and crackling soul samples (check out the video fro their song "It All Began"). Tee's r&b-style vocals over Fab's smooth, electro and hip-hop beats make for an undeniable sexy experience, like Portishead if they were more concerned with bedroom music than dread and melancholy. But really, comparisons like this are deceptive; the duo's work is singular.

Lucille and Fab came through Complex's office during their tour to talk to us about Paris. In person, the twosome compliment each other just as they do on their album, Off the Grid. Fab is tall and shaggy, perfectly suggesting cool. Lucille is striking, immaculately dressed and magnetic.

They guided us through a perfect day in the city they both now call home. Miss the typical touristy spots and experience the city from the inside with the Dinner at the Thompson's Guide to Paris.