Evernote is having one hell of a week. First, the cross-platform note-taking software passed the 10 million user mark, making it one of the most widely used productivity apps available for iOS and Android. Then, today, Evernote took the wraps off a new app aimed at helping people study: Evernote Peek

Peek is the first app to work in conjunction with the iPad 2's Smart Cover. As you can see in the video, once you life the first flap of the cover, a question appears. If you left the cover a little more, the answer will be revealed. Once you see the answer, you mark down whether you got it right or wrong.

The app connects to your Evernote account so you can pick any of your notebooks to be your study material. Or, if you don't have a notebook that coincides with what you need to study, there's a section with Evernote-generated notebooks on a number of different topics.

Evernote Peek is available now from the iTunes App Store for free.

[via Mashable]