As HBO's Entourage gets ready to debut its seventh and final season on July 24, Kevin Connolly, who plays manager Eric on the show, plans to move behind the camera to produce and direct a biopic about fighting sensation Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson.

According to The Wrap, Connolly, who his made directorial debut with 2007's Gardener Of Eden, hopes the former Ultimate Fighting Championship star will play himself in the film. "I have his life rights," he says. "We have a script that's great. It's out and about, and the powers that be are trying to put the money together."

In addition to chronicling his rise to fame as a fighter, the biopic will also delve into his personal life, including a period where he even lived in his car. Although it isn't known who wrote the screenplay, Connolly's admiration for the former backyard brawler-turned-MMA star is apparent.

"He was the first person I ever sat in front of a computer and typed somebody's name in YouTube. His fights ended up on the Internet, his backyard fights, and he all of the sudden... became this celebrity."

We'd take this over an Entourage movie any day.

[Via The Wrap]