Sure, last week's long-awaited Duke Nukem Forever may have met with a decidedly tepid (if not rabidly negative) critical reception, but that doesn't mean The Sunglassed One is forever doomed to the gaming trash heap. It would appear that Gearbox Software (owners of the IP as of last year) has officially sanctioned Denmark's Interceptor Entertainment to develop a high-def remake of 1996's Duke Nukem 3D. Not only is the game expected later this year, but it's announced multiplayer support, as well as original dialogue by the original voice of Duke, Jon St. Jon. No word yet on if this will be PC-only, or even a disc-based game at all, but we expect more information to trickle in as soon as the Gearbox crew is done lighting each others' cigars with $100 bills. [via CVG]

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