Japan, what would we do without you?  You simultaneously confuse and amaze us with your wacky and overtly sexual game design methods.  Dancing Eyes was an arcade-only game in Japan, that sported gameplay which almost defies description:  You’re a tiny monkey being chased by other diminutive creatures across the body of a girl.  As you walk, you cut away squares of clothing from the girl revealing her unmentionables.  Success is achieved when all of the outer clothing is removed and your reward is moving on to the next feminine stage.  Don’t believe us?  Well here’s a video of Dancing Eyes in action:

Yeah, we know, it’s hard to recover after watching that.  Don’t worry, the slack-jawed stunned look and incessant giggles will subside with time.  Watching the video did remind us that we have seen similar gameplay before, but we had to reach way back in memory lane to find it.  ColecoVision had a game called Pepper II that had the same unzipping mechanic—but without the girls being stripped by a simian part.  Namco has announced they are updating Dancing Eyes for the PlayStation 3 as part of their Namco Generation arcade remake series.  There is no Japanese release date set for the game—it’s unlikely to ever release in North America—but if you haven’t had a sufficient helping of bizarre, then watch the trailer for the PS3 remake: 

[via Siliconera]

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