WHERE: 597 Manhattan Avenue (between Driggs & Nassau Avenues), Brooklyn

Co-Signed by: Gina Batlle, Assistant Photo Editor


DRINK OF CHOICE: Tequila with grapefruit and a splash of soda

Sure, Greenpoint seems out of the way, and it might be if your idea of fun is going to a crappy NYU bar filled with sweaty bros, but this place is worth that ride on the G train. No name? No problem. They've got great cocktails that don't make you feel like a sissy, good music, and an outdoor space perfect for day-drinking without feeling like you're at Spring Break. Start here, grab some tacos at Calexico (crack sauce!) up the street (645 Manhattan Avenue) and if you haven't "forgotten" about your plans in the big city by then, try the absinthe margarita at Turkey's Nest (94 Bedford Ave # A) on the other side of McCarren Park and you'll be on your way to Hammeredville. Don't blame me if you can't find your way back home.

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