When your dad is one of the top two richest people in the world, you might think that a measly little iPad 2 would be a pretty easy sell in terms of items on your wish list. Not so for the Gates children, though, whose Microsoft-founding father has hilariously deemed all things Apple verbotten.

The Daily Mail caught up with Bill Gates while he was in London promoting a philanthropic initiative with the UK prime minister. In the rare interview, Gates opens up about his family life and his money, revealing juicy tidbits like the ban on iDevices.

"They have the Windows equivalent. They have a Zune music player, which is a great Windows portable player. They are not deprived children," he says.

The Microsoft founder has notoriously opted not to pass along his estimated $56 billion in personal wealth to his children, but will instead give the bulk of it to charity. His daughters -- 15, 12 and 9 -- will get free education and healthcare plus a relatively small inheritance rumored to be about $10 million.

"It will be a minuscule portion of my wealth. It will mean they have to find their own way," he said.

Gates also talks about knowing the words to Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars' song "Billionaire" (he actually sings it. His kids sing it to him as a joke.); voice recognition being "the next big thing" in tech; and his plans to save four million lives over the next four years with $3.7 billion fund for vaccines in the poorest countries.

Read the full interview here. The whole thing is good.



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