In preparation of the release of his debut album Finally Famous, Big Sean has been racing around New York City like a mad man. From listening parties to festival concerts (such as Hot 97's recent Summer Jam) to photoshoots and phone interviews explaining the same things over and over, the 23-year-old rapper hasn't allowed himself the chance to catch a breath on his way to his big break.

But with Kanye West as his mentor and G.O.O.D. Music egging him on to achieve his predecessor's success, it's understandable why the Detroit native has immersed himself in his career so much that he even got a bit emotional when his achievements dawned on him at a listening event last Monday.

By now, everyone who has followed Big Sean's career for the past couple of years knows everything there is to know about him. He has explained his path, his influences, and his goals several times over that it's become a daily routine. So we decided to present Big Sean with a fresh topic, another important yet relatively unmentioned part of his life: women.

Although he claims he doesn't know any of the following ladies personally, we have a strange feeling that'll all change in a few weeks time. But for now, check out the only things that can instantly distract the perpetually busy lyricist right about now: his ten favorite celebrity women.