So last week at E3, we were over at the Warner Bros. booth waiting for our Batman: Arkham City demo to start (which, by the way, was predictably great), and someone said, "you know, after this, you should check out Bastion." And we were all like, "yeah, whatever, never heard of it, and we're JOURNALISTS." (Even though we're not really, we're more like oversized kids with ADD who make money to play video games.) But then we did. And holy crap, were we surprised. It's like a hack ’n' slash RPG that's way more badass than its mini-anime aesthetic would have you believe, and the whole thing is narrated by this deep-voiced dude who describes everything that's happening AS IT HAPPENS. And it's a downloadable, which means that when Xbox's Summer of Arcade starts up next month it'll be like $10 or whatever the equivalent in Microsoft Brain Credit Points is. So yeah, consider this a co-sign.