It's something of a cliche to call a film an experience, but it applies here. Eraserhead (1977), David Lynch's first feature, is a loose narrative about a man who unexpectedly becomes a father. Having more in common with experimental cinema, Eraserhead challenges the viewer at every turn. Not everyone's idea of fun, but if you feel up to letting Lynch invade your brain with bizarre sexual imagery, grating industrial sounds, a landscape that's post-apocalyptic in a fashion that makes The Road Warrior seem even more cartoonish, and the most horrifically disfigured "baby" you've ever seen, please see Eraserhead at midnight either Friday or Saturday.

Remember: "Cut them up like regular chickens." You'll soon understand.

Eraserhead (1977)
Friday, June 10 and Saturday, June 11
Midnight (both nights)
IFC Center
323 6th Ave, New York
Tickets $12