The world premiere of this documentary about a New York photographer who captured the genesis of hip-hop in the city will feature a Q&A with the man himself, Jamel Shabazz. As the style, slang, and swagger of the genre slowly fused together in the late 1970s, Shabazz was there to freeze it all in time, shooting everything around him. There’s plenty of graffiti, sneakers, and gold chains in these images, but the overriding feel in his photographs is a sense of newness, of a culture finding its own identity and running with it.

Directed by Charlie Ahearn, who examined a different angle of this particular cultural phenomenon with his 1983 classic Wild Style. Check the trailer for the Shabazz film here.—Finn Cohen

Jamel Shabazz Street Photographer (2011)
Sunday, June 26
3:30 p.m.
30 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn
Tickets $13