Playboy kingpin Hugh Hefner's former girlfriends had their suspicions about the would've-been Mrs. Hefner, Crystal Harris, when Hef first announced their engagement. And, as it turns out, their suspicions (as well as the rest of the world's) were confirmed when she dumped him last week, just five days before their planned wedding date (yesterday). Coincidentally, that was also the same day she dropped her new single, "Club Queen." Pre-meditated? Obviously. Cold? That's an understatement.

While Hef has an entire catalog's worth of Playmates he can call upon for support, there's still a hole left in his aging heart that can only be filled by one. After all, given that he was about to marry Harris without a pre-nup, he seems more than eager to settle down. We know Hef is probably preoccupied with withdrawal and possibly knocking down glasses of Scotch while burning pages of Playboy's July issue, which Harris covers, so we've decided to do the work for him and suggest 10 Possible Rebound Chicks For Hugh Hefner. We'll be expecting requests to be Hef’s groomsmen whenever his next engagement is announced.

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