Yes, the other Nintendo movie. It was just as bad as Super Mario Bros.—and was even more shameless, as it didn’t even hide the fact that it was a 90-minute commercial for the company. It really was a piece of crap. The Power Glove was lame. The story was lame. And Fred Savage was lame. But you know what WASN’T lame? The unveiling of the then-unreleased Super Mario Bros. 3. We nearly shit our trousers.

Back before the Internet and spoiler alerts, this was a MAJOR shocker to everybody in the audience, and a loud squeal could be heard from the other side of the theater door when this scene popped up and showed us, among other things, how to get the warp key on the first map. We took that knowledge home and used it when the game finally came out. We still get goosebumps thinking about it. If only marketing were as clever today.


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