After so many delays and the last game being so good, there was no way that Nintendo could make an even better Legend of Zelda game than A Link to the Past. And the strange time traveling story of Link jumping back and forth as a child and as an adult had us baffled back then. It looked like it was going to be a dud, that Nintendo was going to have another Zelda II: The Adventure of Link on its hands. But it wasn't.

In fact, at the time (and still to this day, many say), it was the greatest video game that we had ever played in our entire lives; yes, Nintendo had done it again. The lock-on system for combat was perfect, the quest was epic—with that whole time-traveling aspect being amazing—and it took our other favorite Nintendo franchise and pushed it into the third dimension just as well as the portly plumber had. If not better. Yes, the water temple gave us a headache, but everything else was sublime. Nintendo did it again.