But if you want to talk REALLY fond memories of light gun shooters, then it's a no-brainer. This arcade gem was best played with two players, because unlike other co-op rail shooters, your partner would actually sometimes diverge and go on different paths, only to come back and provide you with cover while you reloaded. It was an excellent idea that appeared in its other two sequels, which were also good, but not nearly as innovative (even with the option of multiple loadouts). And let's not forget the pedal feature that was introduced in the first game. Before this title, reloading in other games always involved you shooting off to the side of the screen, but in this game, when you reloaded, you would also duck for cover, so it took a load off of the arms while also adding an extra element of strategy. We loved it. If the Call of Duty series is the pinnacle of FPSes (And yes, we’re well aware that many would debate that claim), then the Time Crisis series is the Call of Duty of light-gun rail shooters. There’s nothing else even close to it.