Gunblade NY is all about flying around and blowing shit up with a machine gun, great aiming not required. Basically, you manned a machine gun that would shake and rattle ridiculously while you fired it, and aimed it bad guys who would flip around and shoot back at you. It made absolutely no sense, but that’s what was so dope about it—just flying around and blowing seemingly mechanical terrorists away. No other arcade game matched the excitement of this title. Maybe it was the stellar camera, which would swoop around and come back to enemies you missed, allowing you to fire at any bastards you didn’t hit before. Or maybe it was just the pulse pounding feel of the machine gun on our fingers after we left it to play Mortal Kombat or something. Whatever it was, this is one of the best light-gun shooters of all time and one that we still fondly remember today. Ah, memories.