Following the massive success of "Dick in a Box" when it first aired on Saturday Night Live (it even won an Emmy), the story goes that Justin Timberlake pushed Andy Samberg and his buddies from The Lonely Island to make a follow-up song because no one would ever think to try and top the original. They didn't top it, of course, but "Motherlover" (which featured Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson as frisky, um, MILFs) was another smash success Digital Short.

Now with Timberlake hosting SNL on Sunday can we expect a threequel?

Apparently so! Timberlake, Samberg and Sarandon were spotted outside of a New York City apartment building this week filming something that involved those totally terrible Color Me Badd suits that are the "Dick in a Box" singers' trademark. No word on what the song was, but judging from the previous two, expect something overtly sexual and totally filthy. Also: catchy. Here's guessing you'll be downloading some version of it first thing on Sunday morning.

[via Splitsider]