When the guest roster for the season finale of The Office was announced, one name stood out among the Hollywood heavyweights: Catherine Tate. Not only was she the only female tapped as the potential heir to Michael Scott's throne, but she was also the only relative unknown (especially compared against the likes of James Spader, Ray Romano, Jim Carrey and Ricky Gervais). Now it appears we know why she was included.

THR reports that if "producers have their way," Tate will be the new boss on The Office next fall. The only problem? Tate has a prior commitment in England to star in the stage version of Much Ado About Nothing; whether or not a deal can be worked out remains to be seen.

Even if Tate is cast, don't expect the series to become a distaff version of the original version of The Office. Major cast members (and movie stars) Rainn Wilson, Ed Helms and Craig Robinson will be in the mix for boss, as well as more storylines. Though John Krasinski does not seem slated for upper management, it's likely the new plots will also revolve around him as well.

The Office season finale airs on Thursday night at 9 p.m.; producers aren't expected to announce a replacement for Carell until later this summer.

[via THR]